Cannot find your word files on your Windows PC?

When you find a document file missing from your system first make sure that it is not there in your recycle bin and then decide what has to be really done to gain them back.

Most important and crucial information nowadays are stored in document files and saved on your personal computers for use in future. Microsoft files are considered to be more stable and does not result in loss or inaccessibility without having any strong cause. Consider a case where you have saved some vital information as document file and saved it on your Windows system. In a certain situation it just happens that you accidentally delete your document file when you were deleting other useless files from your Windows operating system. Since tomorrow is your deadline to submit them to the office you start panicking and perform a search regarding the recovery of such files on the internet. Internet may suggest you a lot of recovery tools to be best for use but you cannot trust that all provide the best result. In such cases of confusion just try the demo version of Windows data Recovery utility and experience its best performance in recovery process. Once you are completely satisfied with the result buy the software online and save the file back to your system.

Let’s discuss some cases of document loss:

  • Macro Viruses: These are special type of malware which attacks the MS word files and cause its loss. They are spread through e-mail attachments, discs, network and internet and it’s notoriously difficult to detect them. They start their malicious activities immediately when the word file is opened by placing clip arts in certain positions while performing a write operation on the document.
  • Third Party tools: In the current market lot of third party tools are provided to help users to accomplish certain task. When users download and use this software on their Windows system the files are deleted by these tools intentional or unintentionally with its constant use.
  • Defrag Failure: Performing defragmentation process on your hard drive increases the speed and mode of operation on your Windows operating system. When such process is interrupted by a shutdown the complete process gets blocked and word files get broken into chunks of memory distributed randomly all over the disk and results in word file inaccessibility.

Word data recovery software is the best reliable and trusted tool used by many users in the current market. This tool supports for file recovery on Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista and other popular versions of Windows operating system. With the help of its powerful inbuilt algorithms it can recognize a retrieve all major text file types like doc, docx, rtf and many more. This tool is capable to restore data from memory card, hard disk, flash drives and other storage device used popularly nowadays.

With all of these additionally the software also recover data from deleted partition in cases of accidental deletion of partitions from your Windows system when performing a repartitioning process or formatting process. The files recovered can be saved on any location we wish on our Windows system.

External hard drives are the storage medias that are used to save nad keep the back up of information that is present in the system. Due to certain faaults in the application or some human errors the user ends up in losing the data that was present in it. Take a look at this link and easliy rescue the information.

Procedure to perform Windows word file recovery:

Step1: In order to perform a word file recovery you have to download the software from the site and install it on your Windows system. On launching the software you find a window from which you have to select “Recover Files” option.

Windows Data Recovery Software - Main Screen

Step2: On performing selection the application pops up a window having two options namely “Recover Deleted Files” and “Recover Lost Files” option. Decide and select any one based on your data loss scenarios.

Windows Data Recovery Software - Select Mode Screen

Step3: On the next window select the required drive on which you had stored your file and click on “Next” option. The tool performs a deep scan and displays the list of recovered files. Choose the required and save it back on your Windows system after purchasing the product.

Windows Data Recovery Software- Choose Drive Screen