Shift Delete File Recovery

Windows is one of the most popular operating system that is being used around the globe. This operating system supports the storing of almost all types of files. For example audio files, video files, documents, .exe files and many other types of data. While using the system for long periods the user generally picks up certain habits like always using the shift delete buttons instead of just clicking the delete key from the keyboard, emptying the recycle bin without checking its contents and many more. These mistakes look simple but cause huge loss of information. Using of the shift delete keys simultaneously is the most common scenario that leads to loss of data from the computer. Well! If you have faced such a scenario and now look for a solution to rescue shift delete files then you have come to the right place. With the help of the file recovery application you can get back all the files within less span of time and save it in a safer place.

As usual easy way to delete the file from the system is by using the delete key which is present on the keyboard or by right clicking on the selected file and using the delete option. In both these ways the file which is deleted is sent to the recycle bin folder, hence the user can restore it when it is needed. But when one uses the shift delete keys simultaneously from the keyboard while selecting the file it results in permanent deletion of the file which doesn’t enter the Recycle Bin folder. The difference between using the delete and shift delete options is that while deleting the files using 'Delete' option then files are directed to the Recycle Bin folder but when the same file is deleted using the 'shift + delete' keys the entries regarding the file which were present in the hard drive are removed and the space is marked as free so that new data can be added into its place.

Developed with most advanced features you can scan the entire drive in less time and get back all the files that were deleted using the shift delete keys from the keyboard. This recovery application effectively supports to restore the files from various formats partitions like NTFS, FAT16, FAT32, Ex-FAT and many others and list the information in a particular order. With the advancement of technology there are different types of hard drives available such as SCSI, IDE and SATA, the user can effectively get back all files from those different types of hard drives. You can save the restored data to any location, be it an external hard drive or an internal hard or you can save it to any CD/DVD whichever is applicable to you. After the data is recovered, it is listed on the basis of File Type View and Data View. File Type View allows the user to view the files on the basis of file extensions which are associated with each type of file and the Data View is nothing but the hierarchal view of the files which is similar to the Windows explorer view type.

MS Office word has developed Word application using which the user can store all his data in a single word file. As a result of accidental deletion the word files that are stored in the system are lost. Don't get upset! As you can recover word files from the system without any difficulty.

Various formats of files can be stored in your Windows Xp operating system. You can save them, access them as as per your needs. These files sometimes get deleted or lost from the operating system. Need not worry! Just click on this link and get detailed information on how to recover those xp files.

Follow these guidelines to rescue those shift deleted files from the system

Step1: Install the application in the system and click on the “Recover Files” option which is provided on the main screen.

Rescue Shift Delete Files  - Main Screen

Fig A. Main Screen

Step2: In the next window click on “Recover Deleted Files” and then select the drive to start the scanning process.

Rescue Shift Delete Files - Select Drive

Fig B. Select Hard Drive

Step3: After the completion of the scanning process the files are restored and can be saved to any desired location as available to the host operating system.

Rescue Shift Delete Files - Preview Screen

Fig C. Preview Recovered Files