Recover Files from External Hard Disk

External hard drives are the storage media that are made available to the users. This helps the user to keep a backup of the information and hence get back the data in case the if user faces some data loss situations. There are different companies which produce hard drives as per the user’s needs depending on the size and storage capacity of the hard drive. Here are some of the most famous companies that produce the external hard drives are such as Kingston, Transcend, Western Digital, Seagate, Toshiba, LG, Sony, Dell and many others. Transferring the information that has been saved in these hard drives is really very easy as the user just needs to plug in the device which is automatically detected by the operating system and thereon perform the transfer without any glitches. During the process of transferring of data from one system to the other the user may accidentally end up in deleting the files and folders that had been saved in the system. There is no need to get upset as this is not the permanent loss of the information that was loaded in it. Use the leading features and rescue the files using advanced graphical user interface present in this recovery application.

Take a look at the reasons that lead to the loss of files from external hard disk:

  • Abrupt Removal of the Drive: Abruptly removing the external hard drive when some read or write process is going on, in the external hard drive. Removing the external hard drive abruptly when the user is previewing the files that are present in the external hard drive may also cause loss of data that was present in it.
  • Virus Infection: This is also one among the major reasons that causes loss of information from the external hard drive. This infectious program gains entry into the system when the user transfer some files from the infected system into his external hard drive. This program damages the file systems that are saved on the drive and hence this causes loss of valuable data saved on the drive.

With the help of the advanced services that have been installed in this recovery tool, the user can effectively scan the entire drive in no time and rescue the files. The restored files are listed in a particular order on the basis of filename, size of the files, date in which the files were created and the different signatures that are associated with these files. Using the advanced options that are loaded with this software you can easily rescue the files from different formats of partitions that are present like NTFS, FAT16, FAT32 and so on. Use the Find tool option that has been equipped with this tool to find the files that have not been recovered by using the signatures that are associated with them. Use the demo version of this recovery software and evaluate your chances of getting back the data. Hence after getting satisfied with the results, the user can purchase the key and gain access to the full features of this product and can save the data to the required place where he wants to.

Memory stick is the storage media that has been designed for digital data storage in different gadgets like cameras, cell phones and many others. This storage media comes in very small size to look at but has very lardge data storage capcity. The user can easily store all the required information in it without and get access as desired. There is no need to get upset! You can recover data from memory stick easily without missing even a single one.

Windows Xp is one of the most emerged operating systems that is released by Microsoft. XP is a short form of “eXPerience” stating that it was developed with much advanced features than its previous versions. The user can easily save, read, write and use the features available in the OS without much prior knowledge about it. As accidents keep happening the user loses some of the information present in it. Well! Just visit this link and easily get to know the recovery procedure.

Follow these simple guidelines to rescue data from external hard drive:

Step1: Install and launch the software tool from the icon which is present on the desktop. Click on “Recover Files” and get into the next screen.

Rescue Data from External Hard Drive - Main Screen

Figure A. Main Screen

Step2: In this window you will be provided with “Recover Lost Files” and “Recover Deleted Files”. Use the appropriate ones and select the right drive to be scanned from where in which the data was lost.

Rescue Data from External Hard Drive - Select Mode Screen

Figure B. Select Mode Screen

Step3: The data which is brought back can be viewed in “File Type View” and “Data View”. The user can select the required ones as per his needs.

Rescue Data from External Hard Drive - Choose Drive Screen

Figure C. Preview Screen