How to restore files on Windows XP?

You may have noticed that Microsoft produces and release new Windows operating system versions on a regular time intervals so that they can meet the customer’s needs and requirements. After Windows 2000 and Windows ME they came up with a new release of new version called Windows XP. This was developed for personal computers for business and home purpose.

XP is a short form of “eXPerience” highlighting that it is developed with better user friendly feature by enhancing the features of Windows 98.This operating system was the first consumer oriented one. Now if a person had to do a survey on the number of users for each operating system he will find that Windows XP has got the maximum users. Many of the business fields also use Windows XP to carry out their business task. When users grow in large numbers even the usage increase and large number of files are stored on such systems. However, like all operating systems face one common problem i.e. data loss, even Windows XP users also face the same. There may be many reasons behind losing of files from your system. In such cases, you need not panic since this page helps you to recover those files by providing a perfect recovery tool called Windows data Recovery tool.

Reasons for loss of files from Windows XP system:

  • OS Corruption: Your operating system may sometimes behave abnormally or fails to boot when it is affected by a various corruption issues. Your Windows XP system may crash when a program try to use memory allocated to some other program or on connecting a new hardware which is damaged. Such conflicting memory situations affect the files stored on the Windows XP system memory which were under work when a crash happened resulting in loss of files.
  • Malware Attack: Generally people store their important files on the portable device like memory cards and pen drives. They connect these devices on different computers whether the computers are protected with antivirus or not. When you connect the portable storage devices that are already infected by viruses to your systems, the virus replicates and infects them as wel leading to data loss.
  • Accidental Deletion: Deletion of files unintentionally is one of the common reason faced by many users in the current time. More often when users are busy doing any task on our system without their knowledge they might have deleted a file by pressing delete option or they would have thought of deleting some useless file but selected a wrong file and deleted it.

Data disasters can strike anywhere and anytime on your Windows XP operating system. During these disasters the only solution you can find is Windows Recovery tool. It can help you to find lost data on hard drive within a matter of minutes. You can get tutorial on how to execute this software in your Windows computer & get back hard drive data that got lost due to some known or unknown issues. This tool can work effectively to find lost word files, pictures, videos, etc on your hard drive.

Windows Recovery software is employed with fast scanning algorithms which find the cause of data loss and performs a data recovery process and restores all the files back. It helps to recover documents on Windows and from all its popular versions like Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista and many more. The fully loaded Preview feature in this tool enables users to view the content of the retrieved files prior to restoration.

Using this tool you can successfully recover files from memory stick, hard disk, pen drives, memory cards and all other commonly used storage devices.It is designed with one more feature called “Find” the helps out users to search a restored file based on any file attribute in case if you don’t remember the file name.This tool supports deleted partition recovery and lost partition recovery too.

When you delete a file from your system it gets re-directed to recycle bin. It can be restored back from it when you need it. But once the files are deleted from the recycle bin it is not possible to recover files unless you use Windows data recovery tool to get back missing files. Go to the page to know how can you recover lost files back using this tool.

Steps to recover files on Windows XP:

Step1: Perform an installation process on your Windows XP operating system after downloading the software from the site. On launching the application the software pops the first window. Select “Recover Files” option from it.

Windows Data Recovery Software - Main Screen

Step2: When the software displays the second screen select either “Recover Deleted Files” or “Recover Lost Files” option from it. The tool prompts you to select the required drive. Make the selection and click “Next” option.

Windows Data Recovery Software - Select Mode Screen

Step3: The software performs a deep scan and retrieves all files with the help of the inbuilt algorithms and displays you with a list of all restored files. Select the required files and save it on a secure location on your Windows XP PC.

Windows Data Recovery Software- Preview Screen