Data Recovery from Deleted Partition

As the name itself suggest that partitions are isolated part of memory which is divided to manage the files on your system in a well-organized way .In addition, partitioning the drive helps to install more than one operating system on your personal computers. Each partition can be reserved for different OS for example you can install Windows on one partition and Linux on other.

In addition, partitioning the drive increases and improves the disk efficiency. This also can be used in other way by storing particular file types on different partition. Suppose you have 4 partitions, one can be used to install operating system, one to store media files, one to store office files and last but not the least to store your personal documents. When you manage the partitions in such a way you can easily retrieve your files without taking much time in searching them. However in certain cases users may end up deleting the partitions while they are performing certain task. Situations like this cause large amount of data loss since all the files stored on that partitions are deleted. If you are a user who has faced this problem and looking out for a solution then try Windows Data Recovery utility to retrieve all your files back.

Let’s discuss some cases were you end up deleting the partition:

  • Repartitioning Errors: Generally files are stored and used on partitions on Windows system. When any of the partition contains lot of files and lacks space to store further files they go for a process called repartition. In this process partitions can be resized by taking the free space available from other partition or the size of a partition can be reduced by allocating the free space to other partitions. When such process is performed there are chances that they may end up deleting any partition which causes the loss of files from it.
  • Reinstalling Operating system: At times operating system behaves in abnormal way. In such cases users mind tend to perform a reinstallation process with a hope that the system resumes its normal working state on doing it. When such task is performed they may unintentionally end up deleting any of the partitions resulting in data loss.
  • Installing Multiple OS: Suppose you have a Windows operating system and you need a Linux operating system to do your project. It’s obvious that you have to install Linux on a different partition and use them for the project. If you don’t follow the proper procedure to install multiple OS you can end up in a state where you might have deleted the partition of old operating system.

Windows Data Recovery tool is a highly advanced programmed tool designed to recover any amount of files deleted from your Windows partition. It helps users to recover data from memory stick, hard drive, IPods etc. The process of file recovery it performs is really best a user can get worth is money paid. This tool provides full support to restore doc file from Windows operating system.

The efficient features of this software performs Windows XP file recovery including all other Operating Systems like Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 servers. It can recover files from formatted partition even after reinstalling the operating system. It also restore files from inaccessible partitions.

The digital information that is stored in the system is always not safe. Due to some or the other reasons those files get deleted or lost causing valuable loss files that were stored. Using shift delete keys to delete a file causes permanent deletion of files bypassing the Recycle Bin folder unless you use a recovery tool to get them back. Need not worry!!! With the help of this file recovery tool all the deleted files can be brought back easily at fingertips.

Rescue data from External hard drive by using the advanced features that are present in drive recovery tool. With the help of this application you can easily save the recovery process at any point of time and resume it at later stage without having to scan the entire drive again.

Step by step procedure to restore data from deleted partition:

Step1: Download the set up file on your Windows PC and perform an installation process. Run the software and select “Recover Partition/Drives” from the first screen.

Windows Data Recovery Software - Main Screen

Figure A. Main Screen

Step2: On the second window, select “Partition Recovery” option. The application provides a list of deleted partitions. Select the required partition and click on “Next” option.

Windows Data Recovery Software - Select Mode Screen

Figure B. Select Mode Screen

Step3: Software carries out a scan on the partition and retrieves all the files and displays it to you. Restore the partition back to your system after purchasing it.

Windows Data Recovery Software- Choose Drive Screen

Figure C. Preview Screen