• Equipped with advanced algorithms to restore data from deleted partition and also missing or lost partitions.
  • Offers best graphical user interface and helps in easy recovery of lost or deleted files.
  • Performs best Windows word file recovery for documents lost in all possible scenarios of data loss.
  • No technical skill needed to work with this tool.

When users lose any files from their Windows operating system the first thing they do is search for a solution by performing a search on Google. When you lose a file from your Windows system the first thing to be done is stop loading it with more files. When a file is deleted from the system, the file pointers are deleted and the operating system assigns the space occupied by these files as free. But these files still remain on the storage device. When this space is occupied by a new file the files are overwritten and cause complete deletion of files which is impossible to retrieve. Hence make a pause and immediately go for a recovery tool so that files can be retrieved back before it is overwritten. In this matter of file recovery, you have to opt for the best tool in market i.e. Windows Data Recovery software. Go through this page and know how to recover files in Windows XP and from all other versions of Windows Operating Systems by using this effective product.

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Data loss reasons on Windows:

  • Defragmentation process failure makes your files to become inaccessible since it causes the files to be distributed randomly all over the memory space.
  • Files are deleted when they are used by third party tools installed in your Windows operating system.
  • When users perform task like reinstalling operating system, repartitioning and multiple operating system installation they might end up deleting partition which causes loss of large amount of files from the corresponding partition.
  • When memory stick are removed abruptly from devices it may affect the files stored in it and cause its loss.
  • Humans errors like accidental deletion and formatting leads to data loss from Windows operating system.
  • When file transfer is interrupted by reasons like power surge or low battery on cameras then you may lose your essential files.
  • The major threats like viruses may infect the files and damage its content.

Best Features of Windows Data Recovery software:

  • This tool supports data recovery from all major and popular versions of Windows such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000,Windows 2003 and Windows 7.
  • Capable enough to recover data from memory stick, hard disk, IPod and all commonly used storage media.
  • This software provides a hassle- free approach to recover files from FAT16, FAT32,NTFS and NTFS5 file systems.
  • It provides to view the files recovered with the help of two views namely “Data Type View” and “File Type View”. As the names suggest that files can be viewed based on it hierarchical structure and file type respectively.
  • “Preview” feature developed in this tool helps the users to view the data content of the recovered files before you restore them back to your system.
  • There is an option using which helps user can find their files based on any of its attributes.

Recycle Bin is a folder in Windows Operaing system which is used to store deleted items. It also has an option to restore it back whenever you need it. But sometimes you may press Shift + Delete option accidentally as a result of which it bypasses Recycle Bin. Hence loss of files. In such case use of Windows Data recovery software to recover them back is the best option.

Steps to use Windows Data Recovery software:

Step1: Install Windows Data Recovery tool on your Windows system after downloading it from the site. Run the application manually then click on “Recover Files” option.

Windows Data Recovery Software - Main Screen

Step2: When the second screen pop ups select either “Recover Deleted Files” or “Recover Lost Files” option based on scenario which lead to your data loss. On the next screen select an appropriate drive on which you want to perform recovery from the list of drive displayed.

Windows Data Recovery Software - Select Mode Screen

Step3: After recovery process completion the software restores the files and the list is displayed on a new window. Select the file for which you performed recovery and save it on a secure location after buying the product online.

Windows Data Recovery Software - Preview Screen

Tips to prevent data loss from Windows PC:

  • Take regular backup of your files
  • Avoid downloading attachments from emails when Windows warns you that it can harm your system.
  • Use UPS for your system to prevent the files loss due to power surge
  • Install the antivirus on your Windows system and scan your system once in certain period of time